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Business Analysis

"Forecasts May Tell You A Great Deal About The Forecaster; They Tell You Nothing About The Future"

Accounting inherently finds itself assessing historical data, and therefore analysing historical performance.

Whilst historical data is key for analysis of trends, budgets, accuracy of forecasts, it does little to inform us of how we will perform moving forwards.

We prefer to think of ourselves as your Financial Director more than just your "Accountant" and will take a keen interest in understanding how and why your business works.

We will always seek to assess your business 'as live', taking historical accounting data as a guide, but working with you, not for you, on how we can strive to continually push you forwards.


  • Are you are trading as a sole trader but want to incorprate into a Limited Company?
  • Do you want to go into partnership with a friend of yours who trades in the same industry? Or maybe one that isn't?
  • Have you decided enough is enough and you want to pass on your limited company to your staff or relatives?

We can help guide you through the processes required for these and many more.

We will always advise the best route for YOU...not the route that will achieve the greatest fee structure for us.

Our priority is ALWAYS you and your business.


Death is one of those topics that nobody really wants to talk about, but as Benjamin Franklin so famously posited ""…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes"

You will pay taxes and you will die.

We can help take the stress out of IHT by assisting you in forward planning, to put your estate in the best financial situation.

We can help you:

  • Update your will
  • Maximise lifetime gifts and transfers
  • Execute your estate

Strategic Financial Planning

Cash flow and, projected Profit and Loss accounts are normally a requirement of any Company, especially when they are attempting to raise capital from Banks or Investors.

Careful preparation of a realistic documents is essential and we can bring years of experience and technical knowledge to these tasks.

Exit & Succession Planning

Do you want to retire and just give up?

No? Then extracting the value from years of endeavour will need expert advice and assistance.

We have assisted many Companies and business's in this process either by sale or the integration of outside Investors or Internal Management and staff.

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