About Us

We have an in depth and practical knowledge base to help you optimise your business and achieve whatever goals it is that you have set for yourself.

We do not charge for phone calls or emails.

If you have a problem we want you to get on the phone and talk to us.
If you are too afraid to ask a question due to a fear of being charged for the privilege...problems fester and get worse and then require a lot of work to undo the damage.

We believe that prevention is better than cure.
There is no such thing as a stupid question, only a stupid answer.

We will also never set "guaranteed" monthly charging structures.

We believe every client is different.
You should be assessed as an individual, rather than an off the shelf package.

We may not be the cheapest, but we are also not the most expensive.
But we believe that we give the best value. The cheapest advice often turns out to be the most expensive.

Meet the team

What our clients say…

Tim Howard


From 1977 Tim has worked in the many varied financial sectors to include Funding (Consumer and Corporate) Insurance and Assurance, Debt advice and has also run a family owned retail business. In late 1996 he combined all of his financial expertise and experience and commenced studies to become a qualified Accountant.

He qualified with the AAT in mid 2000 and since then has also furthered his qualifications and is now a fellow member of four major Accounting bodies (IFA, AAT, AIA, IPA). With all of the knowledge gleaned from both work experience and formal study and training he has established LAS as a proactive accountancy practice which works alongside all of their clients with the aim to assist in producing success rather than just reporting results or accounting for failures.


Business Structure Exit and Succession Planning Debt Services VAT



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James Howard


James qualified from Southampton University with a degree in Physics in 2009 and in 2010 joined LAS to undertake his Chartered Accountanty exams and learn how to practice the right way, not just how the textbooks would have you believe. His internship with PWC in the summer of 2008 made him realise that he craved a more personal and direct relationship with his clients.

In 2014 he qualified with the ACCA and is now a fellow member of the IFA, the IPA as well as the ACCA. His focus is always on quality over quantity and focussing on the bigger picture, looking forwards is a much more arduous task than looking back, but it is often the most rewarding and financially prudent path.


SA and Partnership Tax IHT and retirement planning Business structure and Practice Management Complaints Management



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Hannah Payne

Junior Accountant

Hannah joined LAS in early 2015 as an apprentice and will start her route to qualification in September 2015 whilst learning how to actually do the job, rather than just memorising the theory.

Already she is learning how to run and process PAYE and will soon be running our PAYE and CIS department.


Payroll Property and rental



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Kate ??


Kate joined LAS in 2013 to take over the task of managing our client database, as well as a host of administrative duties, including bookkeeping and client account management.

On top of now taking care of client Money Laundering Administration, Kate also completes our Registered Office Duties and controls the maintenance and upkeep of our database and administration systems.

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Sophie Wade


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