RTI Compliant Payroll Processing/Consultation

We currently run in excess of 100 Company payroll schemes ranging from single Director businesses up to 100 employee companies, along with everything in-between.

We can assist with setting up PAYE schemes, deal with new starters P45's/P46's, mid year Leavers, end of year P60's, process your payroll on a monthly basis in line with HMRC guidelines and ensure that you are compliant with your duties as an employer.

We will send you payslips in whatever format you require, we can even email them directly to your staff, secure and encrypted for their viewing.

We are also geared up to take your company through auto enrolment which is now beginning to encapsulate more and more employers.

As of 6th March 2015, employers with less than 49 employees will now be subject to in year fines relating to non-filing or non-payment of PAYE related information.

We will chase you and keep the pressure on you to make sure that you get us the information we need to keep you out of HMRC fines and penalties.

We will NEVER rest on our laurels and use the ""you didn't give me the information"" excuse. If you give us the information in a timely manner you will not get a fine or a penalty from HMRC.

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Death is one of those topics that nobody really wants to talk about, but as Benjamin Franklin so famously posited "…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes".

You will pay taxes and you will die.

We can help take the stress out of IHT by assisting you in forward planning, to put your estate in the best financial situation.

We can help you:

  • Update your will
  • Maximise lifetime gifts and transfers
  • Execute your estate

Auto Enrolment Pensions

It is now a legal requirement for certain employers to have a pension scheme available, regardless of whether any employees or members make contributions.

We can assist in navigating the pitfalls of the Auto-Enrolment arena and advise as to whether you need a pension scheme, and if you do assisting in its inception and management.









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