Corporation Tax

Whether you are running a large or small business, your corporate tax requirements will range from routine compliance checks to specialist advice to plan and inform your business decisions and tax planning.

To reduce risk it is crucial to have the information that allows you to be proactive and prevent an issue arising before it becomes unmanageable.

LAS Partnership can help you build efficient tax planning into every aspect of your business.

We can assist you through every step, from Starting up and structuring, through expansion and even planning your succession.

We will also help you in calculating your tax liabilities, filing your accounts with HMRC and Companies House in a timely manner so that you do not incur any fines or penalties and dealing with any tax related issues that you may incur.

Inheritance Tax

Death is one of those topics that nobody really wants to talk about, but as Benjamin Franklin so famously posited "…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes".

You will pay taxes and you will die.

We can help take the stress out of IHT by assisting you in forward planning, to put your estate in the best financial situation.

We can help you:

  • Update your will
  • Maximise lifetime gifts and transfers
  • Execute your estate

Capital Gains Tax

Most people forget this tax but it can affect so many people.

The propensity to have a "Buy to Let Property" has increased the risk of being liable for CGT.

We can assist with all computations and planning and advise accordingly as to how to legitimately use various allowances that are available in order to minimise your tax liability.

SA & Partnership Tax

There are many reason why HMRC may request you to complete a Self Assessment tax return:

  • Self employed income
  • High/Additional rate PAYE income
  • Director of a Limited Company
  • Rental Income
  • Pension/Savings Income

Untaxed incomes all have a potential need for Self assessment.

We can advise from the small or hobby business to SME's and SMP with succesful and substantial turnover and complex affairs.

Tax Planning

"No Man In This Country Is Under Any Obligation, Moral Or Otherwise, To So Arrange His Affairs As To Enable The Revenue To Put The Largest Possible Shovel Into His Stores" - Lord Clyne - 1929

It is your moral right to AVOID tax. It is a criminal offence to EVADE tax.

Sometimes the line between the two can become too blurred. Thankfully we can help guide you through ways of arranging your affairs in order to reduce your tax liabilities in a legal and forthright manner.

HMRC Investigations

Aside from the stress and worry caused by money concerns, the pressure that can be felt when under the gaze of HMRC can be overwhelming.

We have years of experience in dealing with HMRC. We know how to deal with them and we know how to deal with them well.

A tax investigation by HMRC, whether it be VAT, PAYE, CT, SA a business record check or anything else can turn out to be an extremely expensive affair.

We will not sit back. If we feel you are in the right we will interact with HMRC to the bitter end. We are thorough, experienced and tenatious.

For that reason we offer insurance for all of our Clients against HMRC tax investigations. That way if you do get picked to be looked at in closer detail, you do not have to worry about our fee for dealing with it.

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